January 01, 2010


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Adam Z

August 23, 2009

Wisdom To Do What Is Right

“For a person without conscience life seems easy. For a person striving to be pure the journey is hard” these words were taken from Buddhist wisdom by David Crosweller.

How many time you had to make decision you know is right for you and become the target of other in the form of hate, and mindless gossip. Knowing that if you didn’t make the decision to rid yourself of these people your life would be in fact ruin both financial and mentally.

They are always quick to tell you how much you hurt them and completely forget how much they hurt you, hiding from reality and refusing to accept responsibility for their actions, by first blaming others for their own fault. I had to run for my life from those wicked guys.

In the eyes and mind of those people you have no right to make up your mind of what best for you, they know what right for you. I have no regret in not putting out a documentary on Burning Spear that I feel didn’t represent the life of I man Burning Spear even though my lost was plenty.

Their dream wasn’t my dream and we have since move on. In time we will complete the documentary from the top with the right crew nothing never happen before the time, we are happy with our decision.

Sometime the way people would like to belittle us and try to flex their muscle of control thinking that we reggae artist have no right to tell them no, or think for ourselves, while they are using our name as a means to promote themselves it take a lot to control our emotion and remain calm.

Over the years we have had to dig very deep and accept our responsibility in taking chances with the wrong people. It was I man who say that Christopher Columbus is a damn blasted lair he never discover Jamaica he was nothing but a pirate, so are those and them that the blood of Christopher Columbus run through their vein they are a damn blast lair.

They never discover Burning Spear they came to conquer and destroy Burning Spear to gain fame in a Babylon. So Jah drive them back from whence they cometh. If you stand for the right it’s a big problem not because someone say something don’t mean it’s true, we cannot let others define who we are, the eyes always say it all.

If someone cannot look you or I directly in the eyes them something is wrong. Hate and greed and the ability to create fear among people will not get anyone anywhere.

It’s the ability to rise up and stand firm in the faces of adversity and to forgive that what will get you or I the peace we so desire. Forgiveness don’t mean that you surrender to your enemy or tormentors, by forgiving them you have reclaims your power back from them, now they have no power over you or I.

After reading this book I learn that I cannot sit on the nail and mourn about the things I feel is hurting me, if the nail hurt me I must get off the nail and my mourning will be over.

So we write the name of 6 people that we feel did their best to make our business and personal life miserable and we needed to rid them out of our life for good, Sonia and I say a prayer and throw their name in the sea off the coast of St Thomas Virgin Island, We them thank the spirit of our ancestor for the sacrifice they made for us, and acknowledge that if they could survive the journey we too will survive our journey.

We promise them under the Caribbean stars that we will never compromise, and I Burning Spear personally thank them for anointed I man with music and for their protection, as the tears flow from our eyes we know that freedom always come with a prize, it maybe one are two we all feel it the same way.

As an artist you have to be very careful with whom you surround yourself with. If you don’t have the right person in your corner its over for you. Fame come with a big prize and I always say fame is not worth anyone life, I would rather to be poor and humble than to be rich and unhappy.

I am not better or above anyone we are all the same. Some ask me the question do I miss being on the road I say no I am enjoying the simple things in life that so many people take for granted. I have nothing to prove to anyone or regrets. Yes I love my fans that have support me all these years without them I wouldn’t be here today. As you all know reggae artist get very little royalty, so I made my living from touring. And it makes me sad to see some of my peers still touring in order to make a living. Now when I take the stage I have more energy due to the fact I am doing limited dates.

We are working on our record label what could be better than to sell your own music, and get paid. Yes we are face with challenges and that ok, we are staying the course of freedom. I say to my fans I now need your support in another way. Honestly never in my wildest dream did I think I would be the first reggae artist to win a Grammy on his own label.

Jah is Real was created with so much passion, and each and every day I can see that Jah had a plan in mind for this album. How many time I have seen and feel that Jah is real he help Kevin daily as he recover from Brain tumor, September 13, 2009 will be one year.

Kevin never gave up or loses his faith in Jah. So many wonderful people have done so much for us old friends have become new friends and we thank them so much from our heart for again returning into our life.

I had to ask a few to forgive me, and they were happy to do so. This was love true love from real friends that know Burning Spear. Without them and their hard work I Burning Spear the artist would not be here today.

Ego is dangerous to have it give you a false sense of victory, while it’s slowly moving you into destruction. “Without realizing it is easy to carry out bad deeds. However, retribution will come, as certain as you would burn your hand if you placed it too close to a fire.” From Buddhist wisdom by David Crosweller. Let not take ourselves so serious.

Jah Is Real.